Christine’s Cakes and Pastries stands for quality. It is our goal to satisfy the customer to the best of our ability and to service our community with pride. Christine’s will not compromise our product, service, or integrity.

Christine’s uses only the highest quality ingredients available to us. Due to the ever changing economy, our prices may increase. We will continue to work with our distributors for the best quality and pricing available.

Your understanding of this will be greatly appreciated.

We have had many of our customers ask us questions in regards to our business. We averaged out everything that goes on at Christine’s Cakes and Pastries during a one month period. Read on to learn some fun facts about Christine’s Cakes and Pastries.


In an average month we go through…

  • 3,900 pounds of Butter and Margarine
  • 1,850 pounds of Sugar
  • 1,200 pounds of Flour
  • 1,200 dozens of Eggs
  • 1,045 gallons of Vegetable Oil
  • 45 gallons of Milk

After a major holiday we are completely sold out of everything and it takes us 24 – 48 hours to restock, please be patient if one of your items isnt avaliable following a holiday.

We put out approximately 375 cakes a week, not including the 10-12 wedding cakes.

We receive approximately 50-70 phone calls per day during an average week and during the holidays this number doubles.  Please be patient when leaving a message we will return your call.

Every product is mixed, rolled and baked in this location everyday,  7 days a week.

Our average week, we sell about 150+ dozen cupcakes, and we also sell about 100+ dozen buttercookies.