How do I receive my ordered items?

The items available for sale on the Christine’s Cakes & Pastries website may be available only for pickup or you may see options for pickup and shipping. 

Which items can be shipped?

Items available for shipping are all specifically noted as being sold for shipping. Only items noted for shipping can be shipped. 

Can I mix shipped and pickup items in my order?

If you add a pickup item to your cart along with items marked for shipping, the cart will default to all items requiring pickup and you’ll receive an error message if you try to ship. So please only add products that are all sold for pickup or all sold for shipping to avoid any issues.

If you choose a pickup only item, the cart will show local pickup as the only shipping option. 

Why are shipped items priced differently than pickup items?

Shipped items are more expensive due to the need for special packaging for your food items to arrive safe and sound.

Need more help?

If you have any questions or issues with our online store, please contact us.

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